To all of our dear clients,

THANK YOU FOR YOUR BUSINESS! You will be happy to know. . . WE ARE STILL WORKING and OPEN FOR BUSINESS!. . . Please give us grace as our work is probably from home, in the same thing we wore to bed last night, with a dog barking in the back ground, homeschooling gig on the side and a fresh bowl of ramen noodles beeping at us to be removed from the microwave. . .  but you get it right?!  

In all seriousness, this is an unprecedented time in our history. One we will never forget this pandemic, but hopefully we are all creating some new attitudes, outlooks and routines that will stay for a lifetime.

Well, Lord willing the phone will keep ringing, emails will continue to flow in and Stallings Insurance will stay open for business to serve you!

Is there anything we can help you with immediately?

Is there a policy we can review while you watch ‘I Love Lucy’ reruns?

Need entertaining: here is our Facebook Page or our Instagram Page or our Website. We are trying to post often to keep you informed.

Again, thank you for your business. We appreciate you so much. Please reach out if you need anything, even if it is a roll of toilet paper! We have plenty to share!